Let Earth Keep Its Colours

Our Earth is neither blue nor green. It is composed of myriad colours and hues painted on by the diversity of its plant and animal life.

In order for Earth to keep its colours, it is important for humans to adopt eco-friendly ways of living. Sharon Plywoods has been undertaking several eco-friendly initiatives to create awareness and bring about social change in order to preserve the diversity of Earth.

To spread the word about eco-conservation, Sharon Plywoods has painted 4 railway engines with their message about Earth’s colours which will carry the message across the length and breadth of India. The first engine was flagged off by Mr SC Das, President, Sharon Plywoods and The AD RM, Southern Railways at 5.50 pm on Saturday, Jan 12, 2019. This engine was attached to the Chennai – Jolarpet, Yelagiri Express on that day.

One Comment on “Let Earth Keep Its Colours

  1. Earth one and only planet for us to live and survive on. Earth day is just a few days away. start raising awareness to survive and save the earth. To give voice to your thoughts and love raise slogans and posters. Check save mother earth slogan


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