R.I.P Mr. Single Use Plastic

It is with great happiness we announce the death of SUPB (Single Use Plastic Bag) on January 1st, 2019 in Tamil Nadu. He was an inseparable part of our daily lives. Though immortal in nature, we bid him farewell because we were all irresponsible in his disposal and he found his way into the environment, polluting and poisoning it. He is survived by our children’s children, marine animals and the rivers and oceans of the earth.

May his soul biodegrade in peace.

 Kindly post your farewell messages below in the comments section.

2 Comments on “R.I.P Mr. Single Use Plastic

  1. Rosa Poo Maala Pottu Raasa Nee Amarndhu Irukka
    Athanayume Manakkuthappa
    Athanayume Manakkuthappa Panneeru Vaadaiyappa
    Angam Manakum Raasa
    Ye Angam Manakum Raasa Indha Oora Kakkum Raasa


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