Star Students in Chennai take the pledge against Plastic Pollution

Star students Award 2018, held on 9th Dec 2018 at the Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Chennai was proudly sponsored by Sharon Plywoods in an effort to reach out to students and create awareness about #PlasticPollution.

*Plastic-Free School bag kits were given to all student award winners and the teachers and School Principals were all given the multi-purpose Shopping Bags. The award itself was given in recognition of multiple talents exhibited by school children.

All the students and the education fraternity present at the event took the pledge #iSayNoToPlastic along with Sharon Plywoods.

The awards ceremony was organized by Dream Concepts to recognize talent in young students and to inculcate in them the right spirit of competition and winning. The event was presided over by Rotarian P.D. Sriram (President, Rotary Club of Madras Downtown) and the guest of  honour was Dr. V. Ponraj (Scientific Advisor to former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam). 

The theme of the event was “Say No to One-Time Plastic” and the students were given information regarding the dangers of Plastic Pollution and encouraged to do their bit to save our environment.

Pic 1

Pic 2

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