Social Media Contest & Giveaway

Shaaron Ply- I Say No To Plastic
Do your bit for our environment. Take a reusable cloth bag to the store for buying groceries/vegetables. Let us eliminate Single-Use Plastic from our lives.
Sharon has been distributing a sturdy reusable cloth bag at various locations in Chennai and it is now time for you to get one too.
Post a picture of yourself with a reusable shopping bag on social media and tag us (FB: @SharonPlywoodsOfficial, Twitter/Insta: @SharonPlyIndia). Post your picture with the hashtag #iSayNoToPlastic. Don’t forget to keep the privacy of the post to “Public”.
30 lucky posts will receive the Sharon #iSayNoToPlastic multi-purpose shopping bag.
Last date for participating: 15 Dec, 2018.
#SelfieContest #SocialMediaContest #Giveaways #SavetheOcean #SavetheEarth #PlasticPollution

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